History of Japan

Kusatsu Juku brand history Imai of Japan
Records of Tanaka 9 Kuramoto team, Tanaka 7 "Honjin, Kusatsu (Honjin Tanaka 9 stock management of manuscripts found 80 volume)

Asiura kannonji Temple (important cultural property)

593 Prince Shotoku becomes Regent of Emperor Suiko
650 years sandai shrine erected
Always 735 years good Temple good valve Bishop Foundation
748, Todai-ji Temple is also good valve Bishop Foundation
1222, Lotus Saint Hiei optical Institute 12 years between tourism
1397, Ashikaga Yoshimitsu Kinkaku-ji.
8/18/1422 in the Ashikaga shoguns Kusatsu lunch
6/24/1427 Asiura kanonji-water ships magistrate's work cultural heritage most of the city and portraits of the 17th Dynasty
1457 Ōta dōkan built Edo Castle
1465 Ashikaga Shogun {Temple always} Kusatsu residence will be built
1489 Ashikaga Yoshimasa, ginkakuji Temple.

Statue of the temple built by ancestors of Imai
Cho, Moriyama-city, Shiga Prefecture

Village headman Imai directions temple built in 1536, Lotus Buddha images enshrined
Directions statue Temple founder (ancestor of Imai)
1548 Imai directions this temple, Lotus Saint by his follower Buddha statue dedication
6/10/1578 Oda Nobunaga Kusatsu way
6/15/1582 ODA Nobutaka johzen Temple {Kusatsu Imperial} harbors.
6/20/1582 considered 9 Kuramoto's first ODA Nobutaka Tanaka Tiger issued a row to chiko 760 stone
8/3/1582 Hori, m. book of {Tanaka 9 collection houses archives}.
8/4/1582 Hasegawa togoro letter {Tanaka 9 collection houses archives}.
1590, Toyotomi Hideyoshi to unify national
Toyotomi Hideyoshi Laker ship magistrate ordered 5/1591

Always good Temple (Kusatsu gose) and Nara todaiji Temple was built of Bishop seated valve

10/10/1593 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi Kusatsu harbors.
1594, Toyotomi Hideyoshi Fushimi Castle architecture in OMI bamboo material used in order of Ishida Mitsunari
5/15/1594 Sano Tsunade positive correspondence {Tanaka 9 collection houses archives}.
1094 年 8 月 13 日 Asano Yukio long letter {Tanaka 9 collection houses archives}.
9/28/1594 Tanaka 9 collection was involved with tenma-services
11/16/1594 Watanabe Noto protect letters {Tanaka 9 collection houses archives}.
9/18/1600 convened by two ships, Tokugawa Ieyasu line passed Lake ready to order
9/19/1600 Ieyasu Tokugawa 15th victory in the battle of Sekigahara, 17, Ishida Mitsunari's Sawayama Castle vase
19 daily goodness Temple {Kusatsu Imperial} accommodation team.
9/20/1600 Tokugawa 2 Shogun Hidetada johzen Temple {Kusatsu Imperial} harbors.
1/1601 to Kuramoto 9 tenma-certificate and tenma-a Vermillion-Dizi license of 1800 square meters
Become in 1603 Tokugawa Ieyasu and Shogun (Tokugawa shogunate)
11/24/1607 Okubo Changan book {Tanaka 9 collection houses archives}.
1615, Tokugawa Ieyasu large hill team this Zen Temple Jingane (Osaka Castle Sanada Masayuki village winter's summer team)
6/20/1623 Tokugawa Shogun 2, Tsu, grass impassable
8/2/1626 third Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu Kusatsu way
6/21/1635 seven appointed Honjin job family (Kusatsu-Honjin)
1650 Act light temple founder (incense, Saint brother houzumi Nobuo totsugu now Inoue Kiyoshi child
There the boy flight soldier Memorial (World War II))
Large earthquakes occur in OMI 1659
10/1687 fire takes place in Kusatsu-Juku

Always good Temple (Kusatsu gose) wooden statue of Amida Sanson (important cultural property)

Stay in Kusatsu-shuku Asano in Takumi's 7/4/1699
Offered by Yoshi Ueno, Yusuke Kusatsu-Juku's 7/13/1699
Kusatsu-Juku in 1718, fire also destroyed seven "Honjin burned buildings over 100 hotels
1331 年 4 月 22 日 in Gou Kuramoto 9 of 9 generations Shogun Tokugawa's Hotel matrix
6/8/1748 your pots on the way you pass in Kusatsu-Juku
11/29 in the tree shrine fire will happen
Begins 9 Kuramoto's 1/26/1749 50 shrine to the closed night Office repair
12/18/1774 Kusatsu Juku Honjin team 9 collection 7 "ishibe Honjin 4 people allowed to Tatewaki
6/28/1802 300 Kusatsu River Bank collapse of houses collapse spills to about 450 people die
Cheap Saint disciples three immediate hospital circumcising stresses, line monk (ancestor of Imai brand) day in 3/14/1806
For 3/1811 9 Kuramoto's sanuki Takamatsu Guofan ordained Honjin was been tell us
Ask for the borrowed 50 cars in the same clan

Kusatsu Honjin
Manuscripts (vol. 80) some photos

12/11/1821 by 9 Kuramoto's fire flood disaster management is painful to the zeze-Han
They ask for 100 cars borrowed
Stay in Siebold Kusatsu-Juku's 2/16/1826
8/17/1830 Utagawa Hiroshige at Kusatsu-Juku's stay
2/6/1831-length below muko {Tanaka 9 collection houses archives}
1832-1838, until Tonya Tanaka 9 collection
4/23/1833 members form {Tanaka 9 collection houses archives}
4/7/1839 death in Kusatsu-Juku, t., t. Mamoru Hida Shimazu stayed for 60 days
1841-1864 until wholesale Tanaka 9 collection

2/1846 Jo gentlemen Bill petition passed {Tanaka 9 collection houses archives}.
Kusatsu-Juku was big affected by heavy rains hit the Kusatsu-Juku 6/5/1848 at this time
10/8/1848 Tanaka 9 Kuramoto's repairs to various feudal lords to ask Edo
1800 年 10 月 9 日 9 Kuramoto's management ask hast borrowed to the impasse zeze-Han
10/10/1852 9 Kuramoto's plan for borrowing arrangement primary law lecture
10/6/1853 9 Kuramoto's staying and Atsu-Hime
11/11/1854 large earthquake will occur
1858 in u. s.-Japan friendship Commerce and terminates, br / > 3/24/1860 John f. Kennedy II Naosuke
12/26/1860 Kuramoto 9 team visited Edo and apply focused downward during your holiday
Matrix 10/22/1861 kazunomiya in Kusatsu lunch break {Kusatsu Honjin} 14,000 people
10/20 mum Ting chunagon 9 Kuramoto team 10/22 hirohashi place 9 stock management
10/23 Hashimoto Prime Minister Lieutenant-General 9 Kuramoto's team.
10/24 bōjō chunagon 9 stock management
2/22/1863 date Ichijo juro petition passed {Tanaka 9 collection houses archives}.

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When the Tokugawa shoguns 14 generations, going up to kyouto 3/3/1863, your lunch in Tanaka 9 Kuramoto
3/1863 4, Ise-Jingu Shrine to Envoy Yanagihara chunagon 9 of your stay
11/21/1864 your lunch in Shigeru Kuramoto 9 14 generations Shogun Tokugawa
10/14/1867 15 Shogun Tokugawa Yoshinobu to reduce to the imperial court actors
1863 年 12 月 9 日 issued a decree on the restoration
9/21/1868 lunch at the Meiji Emperor Kusatsu-Juku
Rest in the arisugawa Palace as Kuramoto 9 team's 9/24/1868
To eliminate the barrier of kojidan 1/20/1869
2/11/1869 Prince arisugawa Prince and Princess 9 stock your hotel team
1869 may Kyoto Mito publicly dosage were writing {Tanaka 9 collection houses archives}
To abolish the nominal of the Honjin wakimoto team 10/24/1870
7/1872 20 8/1 as far as abolished kojidan tenma-Institute, etc.
1872 the educational system in the decreeing six years elementary education

This Bell is in Haidian, Toyotomi Hideyoshi Kato kiyomasa
The name engraved
Tokugawa Ieyasu large hill team this Zen Temple Jingane

4/28/1874 train residence declaration form {Tanaka 9 collection houses archives}

7/28/1877 completes the known new school building on the old 9 stock management site
1889 in Dainichi this imperial Constitution promulgation (Prime Minister Kuroda Kiyotaka)
1889 opening of the Tōkaidō main line,
Participated in the first world war in 1914
1923 Kanto earthquake (1900000 who suffered, died and whereabouts unknown 105000 over).
World War II in 1941
1945 atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
1946 in Constitution of Japan promulgated (effective in 1972)
In 1949 Hideki Yukawa, Nobel Prize winner
1951, United States Security Treaty.
1953年7月24日 all xianyang Institute of Tae Jie, Yang Zhao (of Indonesia) houzumi Kiyoko (sister Imai Kiyoko Imai brand)
Television broadcasting in 1953

Mt. Hiei optical Institute, Lotus bronze statue

4/10/1959 marriage of now Emperor (Emperor No. 125) 530000 citizens gathered

4/1959 Hiei dipankara of Nichiren (search).
Japan famous sculptor matsuhisa, Lin productions
30-God Imai, Akira Saint dedication (the ancestor of father Imai brand)
To protect the peace and security of the nation of Japan day at gods 30-God
1964 opening of the Tōkaidō Shinkansen,
In the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.
1970 World Exposition (Osaka, Japan).
1972 reversion of Okinawa Japan
1973 oil crisis.
1995 in Hanshin-Awaji earthquake (6434 people dead injured 43792)
2011 East Japan earthquake (15 deaths, 894 people missing 2562 people wounded 6152)
(Earthquake occurs, sea level will come down soon, /-)

Brands of the world's luxury goods brand gold cushion farmer Gofuku Imai
Mt. Hiei dipankara of Nichiren and 30-God

Imai Eko, Saint

The ekō hospital, IL

Imai, Akira Saint 30-divine dedication
Mt. Hiei Yokogawa dipankara hospital 30-God we serve request statement
Gods 30-God to defend the peace and security of the nation of Japan and Nichiren
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